A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

This is an experimental video feedback toy that's great for putting on a tv or projector at a party.

It started as a programming exercise that I built on to make it more visually entertaining. It's a Conway's Game Of Life simulation with colors and video feedback effects thrown in so that you can use the simulation as a source of randomness for visual effects.

As you get used to the controls, you can start to get the hang of how certain effects are created and what certain camera movements do to the image.

Install instructions

Note: 0.3 can still output GIFs but the hotkey is disabled. To enable it, on the Unity settings screen when you open the .exe, click the Input tab, scroll down to GIF and double-click the blank space in the Primary column. Press a key to set it (normally 'g' but could be anything - avoid conflicts!)


Elf Thief Omega v0.3 x86 14 MB
Elf Thief Omega v0.2 x86.zip 14 MB
Elf Thief Omega v0.2 Mac.app.zip 18 MB
Elf Thief Omega v0.1 Win64 16 MB
Elf Thief Omega v0.1 OSX 18 MB

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